Hypsugo pulveratus


Chinese pipistrelle

Hui Fuyi

Morphological description Life history Distribution Habitat Roost sites and roosting patterns Emergence and flight pattern Foraging behaviour Echolocation calls Status and protection

Hypsugo pulveratus



Morphological Description

· Brown dorsally, pale or whitish ventrally. Blackish face.

· Forearm length 32.9-35.5mm Yunnan and Sichuan. One male weighed 6.2 g, Yunnan. Forearm 33-36 mm according to Smith & Xie (2008).

· Top inner incisors bicuspid.

· Previously known as Pipistrellus pulveratus.

Life history

· Little known


The Chinese distribution is shown by dots on the map (as given by Zhang et al. (1997).

Hypsugo pulveratus



· Has been found in forested areas (Smith & Xie 2008)..

Roost sites and roosting behaviour

· Has been found roosting in houses (Smith & Xie 2008).

· Emergence and flight pattern

· Little known.

Foraging behaviour

· Not known.

Echolocation calls

· Broadband sweeps ending in a narrowband tail around 32-35 kHz (unpublished).

Status and protection

· There is no estimation of population size for China.

·Listed as RL-NT in China though it nearly met criteria for VU A1bcd. IUCN listed as RL-LR/nt (1994) (Smith & Xie 2008).

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