Myotis frater


Fraternal Myotis

Changwei Shu'erfu

Morphological description Life history Distribution Habitat Roost sites and roosting patterns Emergence and flight pattern Foraging behaviour Echolocation calls Status and protection

Myotis frater


Morphological Description

· Fur thick, brown, pale whitish ventrally.

· Bats we measured had forearm length37.6mm (adult male; 38.8mm (adult female). Measurements given by Smith & Xie (2008) are forearm length = 36-42 mm.

· The hind foot length is less than half the tibia length, and the wing membrane attaches at the heel. Calcar has a small keel.

Life history

· Little known


The species is found in NE, C and S China, though the wide geographic separation between N and S populations deserves attention. Bats we studied came from Jilin Province.


· Little known. Type series found in bamboo holes at 760m.

Roost sites and roosting behaviour

· Little known other than has been found in bamboo holes.

· Emergence and flight pattern

· Little known.

Foraging behaviour

· Not known.

Echolocation calls

· Unknown.

Status and protection

· There is no estimation of population size for China.

· The fraternal myotis is listed as RL-VU A1acd in China (Smith & Xie 2008). IUCN status is RL-LR/nt (1994).

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