Myotis horsfieldii


Horsfield's Myotis

Haoshi Shu'erfu

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Myotis horsfieldii

Myotois horsfieldii


Morphological Description

· Analysis of cytochrome b sequences by Manuel Ruedi and Benoit Stadelmann placed the bat alongside another identified as horsfieldii in SE Asia.

· Fur brown, lighter ventrally.

· One bat captured in Yunfu Mount, Bolo County, Guangdong 4 September 2003. Male, forearm 35.0 mm, 6.3 g. ear 9.9 mm, penis club shaped. Tibia 17mm, foot 9 mm. Lower canine much larger than in siligorensis . Note tiny 2nd upper premolar.

· Smith & Xie (2008) give forearm length = 36-42 mm, and state wings attached to outer metatarsal.

· The ears are long, the tips of are rounded. Anterior borders are convex, posterior borders are concave above and convex below with a notch in midpart (visible on photos above).

Life history

· Little known


The species extends across SE Asia, including Vietnam. In China it is known from Guangdong, Hainan, and Hong Kong (Smith & Xie 2008). The Chinese distribution is shown by dots on the map (as given by Wang, 2003). In Wang's book, it referred to as distributed in Guangdong , Hong Kong and Hainan Island . the dots are mapped in the middle of provinces in order to imply distribution at the provincial level.


· Little known. We caught the bat over a stream below a mountainous area.

Roost sites and roosting behaviour

· Roosts in caves, abandoned tunnels and man-made structures. Colonies are usually small but may contain over 100 bats (Smith & Xie 2008).

· Emergence and flight pattern

· Little known.

Foraging behaviour

· Not known.

Echolocation calls

· Unknown.

Status and protection

· There is no estimation of population size for China.

· Horsfield's myotis is listed as RL-VU A1acd in China (Smith & Xie 2008).

· Caves, streams and old buildings should be protected as their habitats.

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