Rousettus amplexicaudatus


Geoffroy's Rousette

Baowei Guofu

Morphological description Life history Distribution Habitat Roost sites and roosting patterns Emergence and flight pattern Foraging behaviour Echolocation calls Status and protection


Rousettus amplexicaudatus

Photo by Steve Rossiter.

Morphological Description

· Darker than R. leschenaultii in colour - tends to be uniform grey-brown.

· Forearm length 79-87 mm (Smith & Xie 2008). Slightly smaller than R. leschenaultii, but considerable overlap in size.

· The last lower molar is more sub circular in shape (rather than elliptical).

Life history

· Gestation about 15 weeks, lactation about 3 months (Smith & Xie 2008).


Recorded in Yunnan. Also found in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and the Malay Peninsula. Also in Indonesia, New Guinea, Philippines.


· Recorded at elevations up to 2200m. may travel long distances to feed.

Roost sites and roosting behaviour

· Roosts in caves during the day, also in rock crevices, old tombs.

Emergence and flight pattern

· Little known.

Foraging behaviour

· Little known.

Echolocation calls

This species probably emits clicks by moving its tongue against the roof of its mouth.

Status and protection

· There is no estimation of population size China.

· Listed as RL-NA in China (Smith & Xie 2008).

· Probably important for seed dispersal. May be persecuted by fruit farmers.

· Possible threats may be habitat loss through development, dams, and deforestation, and perhaps hunted for medicinal purposes (IUCN, 2006).

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