Vespertilio sinensis


Asian Parti-coloured bat

Dongfang Bianfu

Morphological description Life history Distribution Habitat Roost sites and roosting patterns Emergence and flight pattern Foraging behaviour Echolocation calls Status and protection


Vespertilio sinensis


Morphological Description

· Frosty brown dorsally, pale ventrally. Blackish face.

· Juvenile male caught in Sichuan had forearm length 49.4 mm. Forearm 43-55 mm according to Smith & Xie (2008).

· Previously known as V. superans. Relationship with the more northernly V. murinus unclear, though apparently murinus has two pairs of nipples (Smith & Xie 2008). Distribution of these taxa in China needs further investigation.

Life history

· Little known


The map below probably gives an incomplete indication of its distribution. Probably widespread in China - males of this species or V. murinus heard singing from buildings over much of the country including central Beijing..


· Little known.

Roost sites and roosting behaviour

· Roosts in foliage, also known from mountain and steppe areas (Smith & Xie 2008). Male bats of this species or V. murinus sing by repeating audible calls from tall buildings.

· Emergence and flight pattern

· Little known.

Foraging behaviour

· Not known.

Echolocation calls

· Not known.

Status and protection

· There is no estimation of population size for China.

·Listed as RL-LC in China (Smith & Xie 2008).

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