Communication in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes): investigations on the histology of supracaudal and anal glands of the red fox

A research project by Johanna Hofmann. Funded by the EU - Leonardo da Vinci programme.

Supervised by Stephen Harris. In co-operation with Janosch Arnold.

fox curled up in the green grass
© Mammal Research Unit
Photo by Johanna Hofmann


This project is part of the PhD study by Janosch Arnold Communication in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes): the code of scent marks.

The main aim of this sub-project is the histological investigation of the supracaudal and anal glands of the red fox. More specifically, the project aims to identify seasonal and gender specific traits.

Furthermore I am involved in a radiotracking study on the reaction of foxes to artificial scent marks.

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