Nematode Biology

Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour
Institute of Integrative Biology
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7ZB
+44 (0)151 795 4402
email: Mark Viney


image of strongyloides ratti infective L3s

I want to understand how parasitic nematode worms work, and I'm pursuing this by asking these inter-linked research questions.

  • What is the genetic basis of the parasitic lifestyle of Strongyloides spp?
  • How does the within and outwith host environment control nematode developmental decisions, particularly in Strongyloides spp?
  • What immune responses do wild animals make, and what drives this?
  • For free-living nematodes, such as C. elegans, how do phenotypically plastic developmental decisions trade-off with other life-history traits?

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Mark Viney