Nematode Biology

School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1UG
+44 (0)117 928 7469
email: Mark Viney

Current lab members

Vicky Hunt is working on a Wellcome Trust-funded project investigating the molecular and genetic basis of nematode parasitism in Strongyloides ratti. Ravneet Bhuller is undertaking bioinformatic analysis of the S. ratti genome for her MSc. Steve Abolins, working with Louise Hughes and Laura Weldon, is leading a NERC-funded project investigating the immune function of wild mice. Luke Lazarou is investigating the immunogenetics of these wild mice for his PhD. Barney Wharam is working on life-history trait evolution in C. elegans for his PhD.

For further information follow their links to personal web sites, or e-mail:

Former lab members
  • Yvonne Bisset
  • Colin Bleay
  • Jenny Brookes
  • Brian Chan
  • Sue Coe
  • Matt Crook
  • Anaid Diaz
  • Matt Fisher
  • Mike Gardner
  • Lisa Green
  • Mike Gardner
  • Simon Harvey
  • Joe Jackson
  • Jill Lovell
  • Steve Paterson
  • Emily Roberts
  • Rik Rolfe
  • Alison Shorto
  • Will Spinner
  • Fiona Thompson
  • Clare Wilkes
  • George Winter
image of a nematode buccal cavity